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Do’s and don’ts when you are alone in Budapest – the shortest long list

I usually don’t travel alone. In my 15 years of travel cannot remember ever being alone, except for a couple of days in Sofia. But that doesn’t count since I was there with business and knew almost everyone[…more]


Went out to check 3 ruin pubs in Budapest. This is what I found….

When you think “Budapest” you probably think: Danube, endless walks or amazing architecture. And that is fine. But it is not all.

Trying to find out what should I visit on a short weekend there I found some useful links about ruin pubs, hipsterish places where tourists and locals alike come to hang out, have a relaxed chat and a cheap beer […more]


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Bari Vecchia, șarmanta poveste a proximității…


Mic dicţionar explicativ de bucătărie Thailandeză, încropit la faţa locului


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