Went out to check 3 ruin pubs in Budapest. This is what I found….

When you think “Budapest” you probably think: Danube, endless walks or amazing architecture. And that is fine. But it is not all.

Trying to find out what should I visit on a short weekend there I found some useful links about ruin pubs, hipsterish places where tourists and locals alike come to hang out, have a relaxed chat and a cheap beer. If you can imagine an abandoned place and then fill it, mentally, with furniture that …from my point of view…has seen better days, than you can imagine a ruin pub accurately. Story goes that, after World War II, this part of the old Jewish quarter was abandoned. Some guys came up with the idea of converting one of the places there, an old factory, into a huge open-air cinema and pub. That was back in 2002. Since then several places like that one were born and now the entire District seems to have this very hipsterish air.

Szimpla Kert is a must-see. You don’t really think you need it, but then you cannot live without it. Countless rooms, each of them with it’s own theme. It’s a bit like a Disneyland for grown ups and it’s a work in progress. While I was there some guys where writing on the wall, having tons of fun, and nobody seemed bothered…so….I guess it is a common practice. And it is not only beer that visitor seek. I have seen more cameras than taps. But you just cannot help it. Turn around and you just see another weird …but completely amazing thing. One can also eat around here, but I was too busy taking photos.

Only hundreds of meters from Szimpla you have Kuplung: big garden, very shabby chic. Great mural art and some fancy decorations. Recommended for great parties and free outdoor concerts.

2017-04-12-08-31-25.jpgAnd, if after all this drinking and partying you feel hungry, step into Kőleves kert, an open-air pub. I have to admit I did not step into it, I was only peeking through the closed gate, because it seems it was closed both times I was visiting. But did look nice from the outside and story goes it gets filled with both children and youngsters.

So, if you happen to be in Budapest and get tired of the usual route, aim for Kazinczy utca. THE spot where you can start rambling. Ah, and…Good luck finding the way back home 😛






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