The Hunger Games Guide to Eating & Drinking in Bucharest

The most difficult thing when you arrive in a new city is to find a really nice, not so touristy, place to eat. I didn’t value that information enough in the past, so this is why I ended up eating very expensive and low quality food in the city center of Rome. Or some other busy capitals of Europe, for that very same matter. Last spring, while visiting Bari, we asked guys living there to make dinner suggestions. Boy, that was a good idea! We met several restaurant owners who really knew how to make you feel most welcomed and could actually cook.

So, that being said, Bucharest is not a city where you can screw up really bad with your food and drinks selection, but city center does tend to be more like a tourist trap…Here is a top 5 of my favorite places to eat & drink, that is if you ever stop by 😉

Simbio Kitchen & Bar – 26 Negustori Street

Copyright: Simbio Kitchen & Bar

First of all, even if you cannot eat it, you will love the building! Located in one of Bucharest’s charmingly old buildings, with large windows, Simbio is just a mix of new – modern and classic style architecture. They have a lovely backyard and exquisite food.

My personal favorite is their bread-less burger..well, wait, there is also the pulled chicken sandwich…Cannot decide between those two, but maybe you will when you go there. A nice thing about this place: they serve breakfast all day long. And, even if it sounds funny, people do order it during the day.

Eden Garden – 107 Calea Victoriei

Copyright: Eden Garden

Eden Garden has hammocks. There! I said it! Also they have a massive ( guess what?? ) garden, which is usually pretty full, awesome fresh smoothies and…expensive beverages. The menu is not that extensive and it’s also self service, but the garden does look like…somewhere over the rainbow. Although I have never had a bad experience while visiting, I did hear rumors about bartenders acting rude towards customers, so be sure to check the latest reviews here before going.

El Pato – 48 Lupu Dionisie Street

Copyright: El Pato

Close to the British Embassy, near Gradina Icoanei Park, you will find this adorable little place. The queen of the menu is the duck, as the name implies, usually very well cooked if you like this kind of meat. Not so many vegetarian options, but if you are not really into vegetables, you will enjoy your stay here. The chef, people say, used to be an employee of the British Embassy, but I do not really know if this is true. The restaurant is quietly comfortable and staff does not make rude interruptions. The prices are quite high, but not for the area, and the value for money quite good.

Social One – 1 Bulevardul Unirii


Copyright: Social 1

This cute place, with interesting design and A class beef, is located near the Palace of Parliament. That makes two very instagrammable spaces  in one single spot. The food, pretty tasty actually, has a very distinctive note, the recipes are creative and overall surprising.  Although the tables are a bit close together, making a romantic conversation impossible, everybody is helpful and they are doing their best to make you feel welcomed. I usually eat beef steak when I go there, but people have been praising other dishes also.

Cooper’s Pub – 25 Hristo Botev Boulevard

Copyright: Copper’s Pub

If you are tired of wandering around Old City, then this next place is for you. Still in the city center, but inside an really old / traditional villa, is where you can enjoy a glass of Terra Romana rose wine or some pork ribs. They usually have live bands playing and, during summer time, they also have a garden. The management cares a lot about online reviews of the place and they are always making adjustment to fit everyone’s needs.

So, there you are…Enjoy Bucharest, guys! And let me know what awesome places you discovered walking around my city 🙂

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