The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bucharest

Do you think that a trip to Romania would not be your usual cup of tea? Well, guess again! Although is true that Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is largely shaped by the socialist projects during the ’80, there are a lot of lucky finds for first time travelers. With its thriving nightlife during summers, cheap drinks and buzzing old town, Bucharest is sure to send your Insta followers into overdrive if you snap a photo in this 10 extremely Instagrammable spots 😀

1. Caru’ cu Bere

Source: @dailyround

One of the finest restaurant in Bucharest, Caru’ cu Bere is a Gothic building designed by an Austrian architect. Located in the old city center, it was been around since 1879, and has the same location since 1899. The food is amazing…but the interior is iconic and Instagram worthy. And, if you can tune to this unique vibe inside, you will get more than just an old fashion meal.

2. Stavreopoleos Monastery

Source: @theunlikelydiva

Right in the hearth of the city, this old church stands tall. Built in 1724, during the reign of Nicolae Mavrocordat, the place managed to survive the communist period, although the inn and the annexes perished. The entire building is small and doesn’t offer a lot to contemplate, but the decorations are amazing and, if you need a moment of meditation… I usually go here when I want to have some peace and quiet. You can even read inside, nobody will bother you.

3. The CEC Palace

Source: @theunlikelydiva

More than 100 years ago, this place became the first headquarters of a Romanian bank and it remains that way until now. The style is entirely eclectic, so outside you’ll find the perfect perch to capture that Instagram photo. You can also visit the museum inside, but the schedule is a bit of a mystery…

4. Palace of the Parliament

Source: @stathismich

Considered the largest administrative building in the world, the Palace of Parliament is so big that heating and electric lighting alone exceeds $6 million per year in costs. Inspired by his visit in Pyongyang, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu placed The People’s House in the center of his systematization project of the Romanian Capital. Old buildings and churches were victims of this horror plan, but the dictator didn’t want to let go. The entire building used materials fabricated in Romania, except for the impressive doors of the Nicolae Bălcescu Hall. They were a gift from Mobutu Sese Seko. The entire mammoth is open to the public according to a strict schedule.

5. Museum of Romanian Records

18301641_452422658430950_7673915968663233251_n (1)
Source: @museumofrecords

Little did you know, but the biggest collection of corkscrews in the world can be found in this tiny capital. The owner is really proud of gathering around 30000 pieces in the collection and calls his Museum “an out of the ordinary place”. So out of the ordinary that it also holds an World Record. His personal favorite is a 1839 Victorian patented spring model, made from iron used in the pillars of the old London Bridge.

6. Museum of Senses

Source: @museumofsenses

Opened only recently, this place turned pretty quickly into a must visit spot. Located in a mall, it is both very entertaining and convenient to check out while shopping. Head here for a perfect and playful experience.

7. A Thousand Umbrellas


There are several streets around the world that used colorful umbrellas to make things pop-out a bit, and now Bucharest has its own. The Colosseum restaurant used this very clever method to attract customers. We are not sure that it worked, but we are sure the umbrellas quickly transformed the small venue in an Instagram – pilgrimage place.

8. Arthur Verona & Street Art

Source: @tschelovek_graffiti

Every year Arthur Verona street hosts an amazing event: Street Delivery, Bucharest. Street artists are invited to refresh the mural paintings, artisans come to present their craft or conduct workshops, the entire area gets crowded and alive. But, even if you do not manage to check the place out during that exact period, the murals live for an entire year.  They attract attention and create perfect Instagram backdrops.

9. Cărturești Carusel

Source: @gezinedur

There is not much to say about this architectural jewel. The pictures can say it all. A formal palace turned into a beautiful library, with one of the most iconic cafe-bars in all of Bucharest just on top. Besides that, the main floor has a selection of Romanian traditional items. People often come here and spend entire hours reading, students study for the exams… Not to be missed in a rainy day, for the amazing atmosphere. Or in a sunny day, for the incredible snapshots.

10. Palatul Şuţu

Source: @ana_cosanzeana

Last, but not least, the elegant, Neo-Gothic Şuţu Palace has seen balls like no others. It remains unchanged for over 150 years and now holds the Municipality Museum of Bucharest. Aside from its permanent exhibition, the Museum hosts several smaller ones, related to history, culture, art, photography and events that changed the Capital. Last year a very touching photography exhibition about the ’77 earthquake took over the entire Palace for consecutive weeks.

And that would sum up the picture-perfect places we love to visit in Bucharest. Where are your favorite spots in the city? 😀


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