A fast Speed Flying adventure

         Back in 2005, a group of French pilots started experimenting with modified parachute and parafoil kite designs. One of these, Francois Bon, a paraglider test pilot, unsatisfied with foot-launched parachute performance helped perfect the first speed wing design, the Gin Nano. This evolved into other commercial wings (between 9 and 14 square meters) designed for speed, portability, and a lower glide ratio.[1] That is how speed flying was born, a fast, amazing way of flying that sends chills down your spine.

Jamie Lee comes from New Zealand and, although really young, he quickly became one of the top world speed flyers. His YouTube and Vimeo posts gather hundreds of likes every day.

There are lovers and there are haters, because some people find speed flying a crazy, scary sport. So…we wanted to see what is Jamie’s opinion about it.

Your videos are awesome and seem so….dangerous at the same time. How do you keep safe?

Haha .. yes it is dangerous but it took ALOT of practice to get to this level that not many people can appreciate … thousands of flights and hours playing/ soaring in the wind …

What is your main concern when you arrive in a new flying place?

When I arrive at a new place I have to give a lot of respect to nature and the weather patterns and acknowledge i am just a visitor… and take as much knowledge as i can from local pilots …

What is your favorite speed flying place until now?
As favorite place … its very hard to choose 1 … But Norway is INCREDIBLE , NZ is Home, and Romania has to be one of my favorite discoveries 😉 .

You find Jamie Lee here 🙂

Photo credit for the Feature Image as well as the Vimeo post go to Jamie . Thanks!

[1] Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_flying

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